Welcome to the "Happy Fountains" at the Bundesplatz in Bern

The water feature will be renovated and will be covered with a tent from, 20.2 to 3.4 2019.
The fountains are expected to return to action on April 4th! The drainage gutters are being renovated & the light band is being renewed.

The tent with the pictures of the water feature can be visited daily. Good opportunities to see the pictures of the water feature at the tent:
- "Berner Wochenmärit" on Tuesdays and Saturdays
- Fasnacht:  7-9.3.2019
- Museum Night: 22.3.2019
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The "Fountain – Photographer"



"10 years of photographing the fountains at the Bundesplatz taught me: We can learn a lot from children! "

More photos & information about the Happy Fountains and the photographer can be found here:



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